The carryyygum story


carryyygum is the practical addition to the bicycle basket and luggage carrier

The flexible luggage carrier for transport on demand

Purist bikes without a lot of frills like road bikes, trekking bikes, etc. are very much in vogue - the only annoyance is when you ride your cool bike to the bakery and can only transport the rolls while riding hands-free because there's no luggage rack. Founder Carl Heinze had a similar experience when cycling through the English Garden - with one hand on the handlebars and a magazine and table tennis bat in the other. A solution was needed - preferably a flexible, simple, lightweight one without a bulky luggage rack on the bike. That's how carryyygum was born.

"carryyygum is so useful you'll want to use it every day and so small it fits in any pocket"

Carl Heinze, founder carryyygum

Carl Heinze wanted to develop a kind of luggage carrier for your pocket - and he succeeded with carryyygum. carryyygum is super light (33 grams), flexible, easy to stow in any bag and can be attached to the handlebars easily and without slipping. No annoying screwing on, no permanent luggage rack on the bike and when needed just as quickly attached as removed. carryyygum is our smallest luggage carrier - and so practical for Carl Heinze that you want to use it every day.


Since time immemorial

...Carl rode his bike without a rack - and without an idea of how to carry stuff when he was without a bag or backpack.

April 2017

The first idea: Why not use the handlebars for transport?

May 2017

The first prototype is made of elastic bands and cable ties.

August 2017

A patent for carryyygum is filed with the German Patent and Trademark Office.

September 2017

The first prototype is discussed with friends, local bike shops and bike fanatics.

November 2017

The product designers support us: The point was reached where cable ties and bicycle rubbers were simply no longer sufficient and professional know-how became necessary. ID DESIGN turned out to be the ideal partner for our project. They are an independent product design agency with a few years of experience and they are very interested in crowdfunding projects and developing exciting new products.

February 2018

The first prototypes are ready. Not quite perfect yet.

April 2018

A major breakthrough! We solved the last remaining problem: how to attach the brackets to the handlebars so that they don't slip to the side when the straps are tightened? Answer: with a rubberized Velcro strap!

May 2018

Kickstarter preparation. The graphic design of the campaign was generously supported by the crowdfunding program of the city of Munich. The great video is shot by Norbert von Brenner Mai.

June 2018

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter! Yeah! Our goal is 9.500 €.

June 2018

The crowdfunding ends with great success: 724 backers from an incredible 27 countries contribute almost 20.000 €!!! We immediately start with everything that is necessary for series production.

August 2018

We are also filing an international patent application with the European Patent Office for carryyygum.

November 2018

The goods arrive with us and we immediately ship to our Kickstarter supporters. In parallel we are building our own webshop.

December 2018

We are asked by "Die Höhle der Löwen" if we want to apply. Of course we are happy to do so!

January 2019

We receive the result of the international search report from the European Patent Office: it is very positive and the chances are very good that the patent will be granted!

April 2020

carryyygum is broadcast on "Die Höhle der Löwen". Ralf Dümmel is thrilled and together with him and his team we make sure that carryyygum is available in many stores.

Huge support for carryyygum
Funded on Kickstarter

Our campaign was supported by 724 people with a total of €19,833. This incredible support has made it possible to mass produce carryyygum. Thank you Kickstarter, thank you to everyone who made this possible!

In "Die Höhle der Löwen" the investor made his case for carryyygum
Ralf Dümmel sees great potential in carryyygum

Right at the beginning of the successful VOX start-up show "Die Höhle der Löwen" (The Lion's Den), Ralf Dümmel was sent out on a bicycle by the other investors - at this point, no one had any idea that the lion would later also pick up mighty speed in the fight for the contract. In fact, some of the lions initially viewed Carl Heinze's invention rather critically and described carryyygum as a niche product. Ralf Dümmel didn't want to let that stand and vehemently disagreed: "We have over 70 million bicycles in Germany, that's not a niche.