Cologne city gazette

"You have to jerk it a little when you're attaching it, then everything holds famously."

"A really clever product for minimalists!"


"A simple solution in principle, yet very useful."

Geeky Gadgets

"Cyclists searching for a minimalist, lightweight handlebar bicycle rack that can easily be attached and removed may be interested in the unique Carryyygum bicycle rack"


"From the world of bike gadgets comes a brand new invention: carryyygum".

Via Velo

"Does that work? Yes, it does!"

Startup Valley

Berlin Valley

"Totally exciting"

it started with a fight

"Clever little idea"

Born 2 Bike

"An enormously useful little something called carryyygum"


"A super lightweight bike rack, for aesthetes who value functionality and like to travel without ballast. That's carryyygum."


"I think the idea of carryyygum is really great"


Gadget Frenzy

"All items that are clamped in the carryyygum are also safe from shocks there, for example if the road surface gets a bit worse or you change to a dirt track."

Enjoy My Bike

"Clear buy recommendation from me."